Learning Communities

Come together with other Peer Supporters to learn and grow!

A chief benefit of being a member of N.A.P.S. is to have the opportunity to learn and grow. Our learning communities are one way to develop in a way that parallels the way we do peer support.

Tips, Tools, and Techniques

This is a general learning community where you can ask questions and help others with information and suggestions. Looking for a way to get started with a new client? Need a planning or progress measure tool? Need to figure out how to engage a particular type of person or situation? Come here to ask your questions or contribute to someone else’s development.

Idea Swap​

If you find yourself dealing with a knotty peer support problem this could be the place to get a perspective. Tell other peer supporters about what you have come up against and gather ideas that may help you to create an effective strategy.

Effectively Guide and Develop Your Peer Supporters​

Join with fellow peer supervisors to build your skills by getting their ideas of others. Discover best practices. Hear what others are doing to develop their people. Experience the support and encouragement of supervisors with similar responsibilities.